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Instant Video Summarizer

BriefTube is a chrome extension that automatically creates an interactive summary of the video you are now watching. Start saving time on work, studies and hobbies.

Instant Summary

For every video you watch BriefTube creates an outline, divided into chapters of similar concepts.

Each chapter has its own topics highlighted. Clicking a topic takes you to the correct video frame.

Word Cloud

Liberate yourself from the endless mumbo jumbo in the video. BriefTube automatically generates a word cloud of popular concepts mentioned in the video.

The word cloud is interactive, clicking a concepts shows all its appearances in the video. The larger the text is the greater importance the concept has in the video.

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What are people doing with BriefTube?

  • Studying for my calculus exam

    I found myself investing many hours a week listening to video lectures on Youtube, KhanAcademy and Coursera. BriefTube saved me time when looking for the specific explanation I required for my homework assignment.

    Dror Yaffe

  • Every day programming tasks

    I'm a web developer. Every day I see dozens of new software libraries coming out. Before integrating a new library I head over to Youtube to watch tutorials and reviews. I use BriefTube to quickly get a grasp of what the library does.

    Orad Sivron

  • Sewing my wedding dress

    I'm a hobbyist sewer and dress maker, I even made my own wedding dress! I learned how to sew from watching online videos. Sometimes there are difficult parts I need to re-watch before I can I sew. I use BriefTube to easily locate them, it saves me time and helps me focus on my sewing.

    Roni Arbel

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